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The Mythocracy of Democracy
Dear Friend,
There are some milestones in my life since my son Casey was killed in Iraq on 04/04/04.
First there was Camp Casey in August 2005, which is where most of you probably first heard of me.
Then there was the betrayal of the antiwar movement and me during the elections of 2006 when the Dems regained majority in the House and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker. Pelosi, the person who told me to my face in 2005: "Cindy if you help us regain the majority, we'll help you end the wars." Shame on me for believing a venomous snake won't bite, though.
Since then, along with my many guests on Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox, we have been trying to shine a light on the diseases of capitalism and imperialism along with warning of the galloping fascism of U.S. politricks.
Well, here we are after almost a year of forced isolation and now the neoliberals are trying to take away what has been the only connection with each other during this past year: Social media. If anyone thinks the technocrats will be stopping with Trump, then they really haven't been paying attention.
Trump and his followers will probably not go away on January 20, 2021, but the flipside of that coin is that neither will Joe "I've been a war criminal for five-decades" Biden, nor the person who will probably be taking over for him shortly: Kamala The Kop Harris.
Trump dropped more bombs than Obama's first term--so much so, they ran out. However, during the final year of his term, we were so worried by a microscopic coronavirus, we became even more insulated in US exceptionalsim, and international solidarity almost disappeared.
The USA is dangerous no matter who is at the helm of the rickety ship of state, period.
Just like their foreign policy of "divide and conquer," the people in power count on our domestic divisions to be able to plunder, yet soon, there will be little left for them to take from us.
I have long thought the solution to all of the above issues was for all of us to break free of DemoPublican politricks, but it seems that people are even more entrenched in their "go team" spirit, now.
I believe that the march on the Capitol last week by Trump supporters was another real event used to whip up partisan hysteria, only to allow Joe Biden who has often bragged about being the author of the USA PATRIOT ACT to force even more fascism and police state oppression on us all.
The White House, U.S. Capitol, Pentagon, etc should be demolished and the ashes salted. Nothing should ever be built on these places again.
These marble edifices have been birthplace and home of some of the most evil people doing some very despicable and dastardly things.
They are not the halls of democracy they are the bastions of doom. WashedUp, DeCeit is like Mordor without the Hobbits.
While I pay attention to current events, try to live a healthy life in lockdown, and figure out what's next for The Soapbox, please take a look and/or listen to the Archives of 2020.
Or check out my 2009 free ebook: Myth America; The 20 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution. (I have done a lot of political growth since 2009, but the basic principles are still solid, and unfortunately, relevant).
My email is:, please keep in touch!
Love, peace, health, solidarity,
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